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This has to be the hardest post we have ever written to you, our family, brothers and sisters, supporters and even the haters... After many tears, tossing and turning, and being torn apart over this, we incredibly sadly have to say that effective       Jan 1, Thatmetalstation will be going offline. This was not an easy choice on our part, but sadly its inevitable. You have no idea how many times we have tried to figure out a way to keep us alive, but we have had an incredible run. Something that can never be taken away from us, and never will. We as a family have weathered many storms. We can all hold our heads high at what we have accomplished here, since circa 2014.. Again, we love each and everyone one of you, but the time has come. No matter what happens after we say goodbye to the site, each and everyone of you will always be blood family to us. We love you fuckers, and we Hold our heads high knowing that we came, we saw, and we kicked ass... We leave knowing that we always brought you the best of everything, We have some merch left in the store, And as our thank you to you all, Use the code THANKYOU to get 15-20% off everything. Nothing but love and respect, Mike, John, and every single member of the Family

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